Happy Naked


Many ‘how to—lose weight, get fit, live in peace—books are instructional. Such are best for assembling simple furniture; life requires more than a framework of ‘do this’ and ‘do that’. ‘Happy Naked’ links instruction with real live situations. Real people have real stories.

You are a real person.

You deserve the opportunity to marry direction with self-identification. Take John. An instruction book would have listed WHAT John SHOULD do to change. But, telling his before and after story allows readers to connect their own situations that parallel John’s and ‘feel’ his transformation—we learn how John managed his change. The same for Shelly, Helen, and Breanna.

The Dee-5 covers five areas of lifestyle:

Sleep,  Nutrition, Movement, Mental Health, and the Soul.

We feel our way through life, therefore it’s important to feel our way through change. How? Enter 5 of the senses we possess:

Touch, Sight, Taste, Hearing, and Smell.

‘Happy Naked’ simplifies balance, supports positive change, and makes transformation realistic for every person. Curious how Dee-5 and 5 senses connects? Gift yourself 5 minutes to open and scan this book.


I love witnessing bodies in positive motion.

My DEE-5—aka FIVE TO THRIVE—restorative sleep, supportive nutrition, complete exercise, sharp mental health, and tranquil soul, are five interconnected elements key to thriving.

I went from corporate nine to five to FIVE TO THRIVE after recognizing that activity benefitted my personal productivity. I found my energy was supercharged at work and at home when I both identified and applied the five elements philosophy, and used my senses to identify how I felt about each area.

Founder of Dee Health n’ Fitness, I hold a Personal Training Certification, am a Reiki Level I and II practitioner, Healthy Eating Coach, and iFLow teacher.

I lead groups and individuals in fitness classes and life-balance courses that cover the five elements. I love injecting fun, including Latin dance, to accompany the celebration of movement—exercise is games, nutrition is tasty, mental health is vitality, spirituality is more than prayer, and sleep is a dreamy breeze.

‘Happy Naked’ is my first book of common sense.


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