Fitness Community Groups

We are committed to help you achieve your fitness goals and assist you on your path to better health with innovative programs.

  • To hold you accountable to your goals, the dynamic of the session is as follows:
    • 30 min of focusing on one exercise: learn the muscle groups, posture and practice.
    • 30 Min of education based on the topic of the day.
    • 30 min of discussion: challenges, successes and goals setup for next session.
  • Medium size group setup of maximum 10 people.
  • Duration is 90 min.
  • Options:
    1. Bi Weekly sessions included in the 101
    2. Once a month sessions included in the groups
    3. Be part of this Community group only.
  • Be part of a WhatsApp group for group communication.
  • Be part of the Closed Facebook group and private Whatsapp broadcast.
  • Full commitment for the next 12 months working with Creating Fitness Community and Dee.
  • Homework
  • Commitment and goals setup for the next session