One-on-One Personal Training

It is simpler than you may think.

Did you read the ABOUT YOU? Let me summarize.

Are you?
Longing for a redo? ,-Lonely—wanting more but not knowing what that “more” is? ~ Currently relying on sleeping pills? ~ The moody one in the house? ~ The fast-food-eater who swallows guilt with every bite? ~ Desperate for change? ~ The dreamer who wants to wake and rise to live the dream?

I asked:
Are you scared you’ll fail? ~ Afraid you’re not worthy? ~ Waiting for a sign?

I suggested you want:
Something you’ve not experienced before. ~ The whole package. ~ To look good naked and feel fantastic inside.

Let’s create the HABIT of Feeling and Looking Good

ONE-ON-ONE training is simpler than you may think.

The way to break through old habits is via:
1. Accountability – the most important factor in reaching goals.
2. Support – the missing link when people—you—try to do ‘it’ alone.
3. Knowledge – learning what is missing from your personal play-book.


If you have constant weight gain, make poor food choices paired with lots of cravings, have digestion issues, sleep disturbances, stubborn belly fat, then I know I can help you. I have helped myself, have helped many others, and know ONE-ON-ONE is the key to opening the door to your healthy future.

In my ONE-ON-ONE program I include:

✓ Face-to-face training twice a week.
✓ Face-to-face discussion and working on other issues in life.
✓ The importance of warm up, workout, stretching balance.
✓ Supportive nutrition education.
✓ An advance copy of my book: it’s more thank looking good naked.
✓ One Reiki session in the first thirty days.