With my help, you will be designing the body and mind that you want for the rest of your life. My motivation and your determination are the keys to achieving your goals.

The one-on-one program has been designed to provide tailored coaching for each participant to improve their bodies and minds. It utilizes the participant’s strengths to their own benefits while providing them with the tools for overcoming their weaknesses. These goals are accomplished by creating new healthy lifestyles through motivation, physical activities, and healthy nutrition.

Let’s create the HABIT of Feeling and Looking Good

What’s included in the initial 12 Weeks program towards your 12 months lifestyle.
  • 30 min workout sessions according to the program you chose: once, twice or 3 times per week.
  • Continuous nutritional recommendations and alternatives to create good habits, including:
    • 30 day supply of Healthy Supplements
    • 30 day supply of Enzymes
  • First session – Initial Assessment (Approx. 60min)
    • Initial assessment: Questionnaire on current health condition fitness goals, weight-in, body measurement, BMI, Body fat and analysis on the results; fitness test.
    • Set up milestone to measure progress.
      • Discuss the progress and set new goals.
      • Discuss room for improvements and achievements.
      • Follow up tracking session(s).
    • GIFT! – BE:Hydration Stick to alkaline your water
  • Bi-Weekly coaching sessions of 90min each, we go through:
    • Posture clinic on a specific exercise.
    • Recipes and nutritional conversations
    • Community of 10 people max per group – accountability.
    • How to budget healthy eating
    • Videos to watch, homework as well and much more.

**  It is recommended to have a Doctor Test done for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, and level of vitamins in the body. Get this test done every 3 – 6 months to track Health progress.

What to expect from Denise

✓ You will have my contact information; available every time you have concerns and questions.
✓ Questions and Concerns no need to wait until we have our session together, reach me out!
✓ Confidentiality is key. Everything we talk and discuss stays here, like in Vegas!
✓ Denise will be your best friend to motivate, inspire, and educate you in this process.