About Me

Denise Mago, Founder, Dee Health N Fitness

If PASSION met SPUNK and had a love child, she would be ME.

I am vibrant and visceral energy.

My combined life—body, mind, soul—is a cathedral of peace that I worship by keeping the entire structure in top form.

I believe everyone’s life, body, mind, soul, is a work of art too—a living, breathing work of art.

We are all unique in design. We all require daily maintenance, a stripping back to pure energy, a renewal of façade, and interior upgrade.

Good body design is about more than being naked—it’s the soul laid bare, the raw sinew and muscle exposed, and the lifestyle re-polished so that it shines.

Originally from Venezuela, I have resided in Canada since 2001. I am unapologetically loving, and operate my wellness business and personal life with only positive intent. This includes raising my three children as a single mom, and amicably sharing the parenting responsibilities with their father.

I transform the lives of those who want change by setting up scaffolding to reach all the dusty parts, then show how to get a phenomenal life of balance: sleep, nutrition, movement, mind-work, and soul-work.

I spread my version of joy wherever I go.
Please, get in my way, because my joy is contagious.